Only 12 business days left!

Section 179 deduction for 2012 is $139,000 and per the IRS the equipment must be installed in order to take the deduction. If you are a small or big business please get with your accountant and find out if you can save money on taxes by utilizing this deduction. Here’s a website for more information,

Time is going quickly so please contact us today if you need a new server, or a server migration or a complete overhaul of your entire network.

Thanks and have a great rest of the week!

Broken power post on a laptop.

If your power post looks like this, then you need our help. We will disassemble the laptop, desolder off the old dc jack, solder on a new dc jack, build it halfway and test it like mad.
If successful we will reassemble the laptop, call you and tell you it’s ready to pick up!
If not, we disassemble again, and redo the process.
Give us a call today if your laptop isn’t charging or you have to “fiddle” with the cord to make it charge.
Remember it’s not dead until we say it’s dead!

Good news!

So far we’ve heard from 10 companies that are going to recycle their old IT and not so IT equipment.
We are hoping to fill our van to take it to Dcal later this week.
If you have anything that has a power cord we can recycle it for you.
Thanks and Happy Monday!

Another crashed server.

Both Bob and Tony are working on a rubiks cube on wheels trying to get the data back and replace the motherboard. At the beginning it was a little scary, there were some bad blocks and the hard drive status screen stopped, but after a couple of hours it started up again. Right now they are rebuilding the server with new parts for a migration with the data that will happen this afternoon. We are hoping to have the server back in less than 24 hours, but it might be 25 hours, but I don’t want to jinx it.

Happy Friday everyone!

Watch me tonight on Channel 4 News!

Ray @ Channel 4 News came by today and we talked about the FBI virus and what to do if you get it.
That’s the virus that pops up and warns you that the FBI is aware of your activities and that you need to pay $400 or so dollars to them for your ‘crimes’.
This is an especially nasty variant of the fakealert virus and can disable your pc completely.
Ray told me that he just got the virus at work and he had to turn his work computer off and then back on, but wondered if he still had it.
So watch me tonight on Channel 4 news, don’t miss it!

Happy Voting Day!

Please remember to vote today, and although we come from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions, let’s please all make an effort not to be hateful or divisive.

Everyone has the right to vote for the person they feel will best lead the country. Here’s to hoping that the big differences that set us apart don’t keep us apart.

Our new signs are here!

After that bad hail storm this summer, two of our vehicles and both of our signs got hit pretty bad.
It could have been worse, Cindy had one vehicle at home, I had a vehicle and Tony had a vehicle over the weekend so we didn’t have even more damage.
And after some wrangling with Maryland Heights over permits we are finally getting our signs put up today and thankfully it’s just in time, the “Computer” sign has only half the letters left!

Windows 8 is here and it’s pretty cool, please remember that we also offer pc’s and laptops with both Windows 7 and Windows XP Pro.

Please specify which operating system you need, 32bit or 64 bit when ordering. Thanks and have a good week!

Good morning!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week, I know I am.
JBTech needs a level 2 technician who is proficient in all things pc, mac and server, and who knows how to build pc’s and servers.
Please also detail any laptop disassembly experience, some, none or all.
Please submit your resume to with all the experience and certifications you have.
Please account for any gaps in employment with a sentence or two explaining what you did during that downtime.
The hours are 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, the dress is business casual and you will be given training materials to continue your pursuit (and ours) of excellence.
There is frequent customer contact, so excellent customer service skills are a must!

What a long week!

This week has gone by too quickly, and even though we got a lot done, we are still busy with project work, storm related damage, schools builds and various day to day issues. Here’s to a good September, with thoughts of a good October on the horizon. Microsoft Windows 8 launch on October 26th should really add some excitement to the pc world, and we will have some pc’s and laptops ready to go. Here’s to October! And of course, the most important day, October 1st Cindy and I will be married 13 years, I can’t believe it. Have a good weekend everyone. J

Storm damage!

We are seeing a lot of computers in here today with storm damage. One office got hit with lightning and we are replacing 1 server and 3 workstations and repairing 3 others. She is contacting her insurance company. If you have any trouble or suspect any storm damage, please contact us and we can help you with your pc replacement and your insurance claim.

Here are some signs to look for, rebooting, blue screens (that weren’t there before), won’t power on, won’t turn off, and unfortunately as we told one person, “no, that virus is probably not storm related”… unfortunately. Wouldn’t it be nice though… just a thought.


There is a lot of talent out there right now. I spent all day yesterday interviewing some awesome candidates and I start up at 10am today and go until 5pm, and then again on Thursday.

If you are a sales hunter and looking for a new opportunity to sell IT services, including managed services, flat rate IT services and cloud services, give me a call and we can talk about the great opportunity we have available. We will be hiring 2 to 3 outside sales before the end of the year and then more next year. Cloud is really opening up doors for us.

We are hiring!

We are looking for two sales representatives. The sales position involves selling IT services, cloud services, pc hardware and support to St. Louis local businesses with 2m to 20m in revenues. In order to be considered for this position you should have a minimum of 2 years experience as a hunter, we are not looking for farmers. You should have met or exceeded your quota more than 90% of the time and you should have a close ratio above 33%. The salary range is $40k to $60k depending on experience and health and dental benefits are available. If you are interested please contact either Cindy or myself at (314) 993-5528 from 10am to 2pm the today and for the rest of this week. Thank you.

PC Migration.

Storms came through for a new client and killed two pc’s out of six. Puffy caps on motherboard, puffy caps on power supply circuit board, memory is bad, hard drive wants to do a chkdsk on one and the other all the same except hard drive tests good. The data is crucial, all their drawings are on it, can’t lose the data, can’t reinstall the programs. Not an option. Need an answer, need it fast.

Does this sound like you? If so, you need a migration pc. We take the data (your hard drive) and migrate the operating system to another pc that’s faster and newer and sleeker and put your data on it  and presto! It runs so fast that you can’t believe it, and with all your old data and programs. Sound like magic? It is.

Two year old pc? Three year old pc? Four year old pc? More year old pc? No problem, we can migrate it!

Cloud seminars.

From September until the end of the year we are going to have some cloud seminars and webinars to answer all those pesky questions about cloud computing that there seem to be different answers for or no answers at all. How safe is my data? Where is my data? Can I use my existing technology? If not, why not? What else do I need to buy?

These seem to be the top four to five questions; we will answer these and a lot more, including… What bandwidth do I need? Can all my apps go to the cloud? If not, why not? Can I just put part of my business in the cloud? If not, why not? Plus you’ll get the ability to test drive the cloud with no obligation, a real plus. No need to invest in hardware or software if it’s not going to work.

So stay tuned, because the answers are coming!

Another day, another server.

Bob and Tony find themselves in another server mess, this time the data is corrupted and we are trying to recover it. Not sure how this one is going to go, the client believes that they have a “good” backup, but it appears that the guy monitoring it wasn’t really sure what he was supposed to monitor so… now we are trying to get at the Exchange data for their mail. We’ve contacted our NOC and they are working as well, so if they work from that side, and we work from this side, hopefully we will meet in the middle with their data. Keep your fingers crossed.
Congrats to both Tony and Bob for a great job this weekend. One of our good clients needed a complete server install and migration from their old equipment and then join all the computers and laptops to the new domain with roaming profiles. They started work Saturday at 9am and finished up Sunday at 10pm and so far there’s been only small issues which we will fix tonight after business hours. So if you have a huge project and you can’t be down, call us! We are happy to help on weekends and after hours during the week to help you stay up and profitable.

Congrats to Bob and Tony!

The server died and took the customer’s data with it, and not only did they get the server up and running, but after the exchange store wouldn’t mount, Bob spent Saturday getting the customer’s mail working and as of Monday morning, everything is back to normal. We are going to build them another server before this one completely dies, but the customer didn’t lose any data and is back up and running. Great job guys!

Sold an AMD Gaming system today!

I can’t remember the last time we sold an AMD based gaming system, but this one is going to be cool.
Inwin Mana134 case, Asus Sabertooth motherboard, Coolermaster 750w power supply, AMD Octo-core Bulldozer CPU, WD 1.0tb enterprise drive (for storage), 16gig of ram, and Ken’s going to run Home Server 2011. The techs are pretty excited to build this one.

If you need a custom designed pc, give us a try, we will wire the cabling up professionally, making it look fantastic, and it will run so fast it will melt through your desk!

Another failed server.

We are currently working on a failed server and the company has no backup. Please, make sure that the next one I get isn’t yours. I can’t stress enough that this is YOUR business, YOUR hard work, YOUR sweat and tears, do not let it all go down the drain because you didn’t backup your server or files. Please, please, please backup your data, or preferably your whole server. You should have a backup that enables you to be back up and running in less than an hour, not days and days and days and hopefully it’s all there. There is nothing worse than telling a customer that we got you back up and running, but you are missing 3 months or 6 months or a year of data because the backup wasn’t working or complete. Please take this time to ensure that your backup is working, and most importantly… do a test restore. Remember, it’s restoring your data that’s most important, not backing it up.

Class action lawsuit for TV, Monitor or notebook pc.

I’m pretty sure this applies to just about everyone. Go here and see if you can get some money, it’s at least $25.00,

The purchase time is January 1, 1999 through December 31, 2006, and this is for both consumers and businesses.
The deadline to submit a claim is December 6th, 2012.

24/7/365 Help Desk Services

JB Tech‘s Help Desk handles routine maintenance and monitoring functions, including:
  • Monitoring and escalating alerts 24/7
  • Reviewing backups
  • Defragmenting the hard disk
  • Deleting temporary files
  • Preventing viruses
  • Reducing spam

JB Tech offers packages that include 24/7 remediation on both the desktop and server. Platinum and Platinum Plus customers can also select optional services that include network device management for routers, firewalls and switches.

With all interaction occurring between MSP engineers and our Seismic Global NOC staff, this delivery method allows you to focus your valuable and costly engineering time on high-end projects and on-site work. All services will be delivered under your brand, allowing you total control over policies, procedures, computer access and day-to-day NOC operations.
Want to take advantage of a breakthrough in Hosted Network Operation Center?

What are you waiting for? Contact us.

Tax free is over, and I’d like to say thank you to all those who made this year such a tremendous success. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout, considering the economy is limping along the road. We had some tremendous deals that we are going to continue going forward, the $442 laptop with either windows 7 home premium or windows 7 professional.

Also, we’d like to say thanks to Mike for getting another screaming Asus laptop for $2000. Mike, according to the techs that thing is so fast and so incredible they think it will melt your desktop.
Tax free is here!
Computers, Laptops  $3500
Computer software $350
Clothing $100
School Supplies $50
We are open today from 9am to 6pm and
Tomorrow from 10am to 5pm.

Tax Free weekend keeps getting closer!
We will have some great deals on laptops!
*A Lenovo laptop for just $442 (15.6, i3, 320g, 2gig, win7 pro)
*An Acer laptop for just $442 (17.3, P-B950, 500g, 4gig, win7 home premium)
*Plus desktops under $500.

We are already taking orders, make sure to save your $$$$ for this weekend!