PC Migration.

Storms came through for a new client and killed two pc’s out of six. Puffy caps on motherboard, puffy caps on power supply circuit board, memory is bad, hard drive wants to do a chkdsk on one and the other all the same except hard drive tests good. The data is crucial, all their drawings are on it, can’t lose the data, can’t reinstall the programs. Not an option. Need an answer, need it fast.

Does this sound like you? If so, you need a migration pc. We take the data (your hard drive) and migrate the operating system to another pc that’s faster and newer and sleeker and put your data on it  and presto! It runs so fast that you can’t believe it, and with all your old data and programs. Sound like magic? It is.

Two year old pc? Three year old pc? Four year old pc? More year old pc? No problem, we can migrate it!

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