Another failed server.

We are currently working on a failed server and the company has no backup. Please, make sure that the next one I get isn’t yours. I can’t stress enough that this is YOUR business, YOUR hard work, YOUR sweat and tears, do not let it all go down the drain because you didn’t backup your server or files. Please, please, please backup your data, or preferably your whole server. You should have a backup that enables you to be back up and running in less than an hour, not days and days and days and hopefully it’s all there. There is nothing worse than telling a customer that we got you back up and running, but you are missing 3 months or 6 months or a year of data because the backup wasn’t working or complete. Please take this time to ensure that your backup is working, and most importantly… do a test restore. Remember, it’s restoring your data that’s most important, not backing it up.

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